Unique Ways to Say I’m Sorry to Your Husband: 10 Handmade Ideas


Saying sorry shouldn’t be a formality, it is more effective when you show you really mean it. Let’s go through a series of unique ways to say ‘I’m sorry” to your husband, that will really show you mean it.

  1. Quick Handmade Sorry Card

Just the idea of you taking the time and effort to say sorry to him in this way, is a fact to prove you really feel remorse and willing to go this length to prove it.
This is one handmade card that I find so easy and possible for everyone to make. With just simple materials and very little stress, you can make a very beautiful card.
The materials needed include stamp sets (flowers, so sorry, butterflies, and any other image you will like to stamp on the card), printed brads, ribbons, ink, board trim, papers, and glue dots.
Just by cutting the paper into the size that you wish for your card to appear. Using the stamps to come up with the design. Attaching your ribbons using the glue dots. There you have your simple but beautiful ‘I am sorry cards for husband’.
Check this video to see how it is done in a jiffy.

  1. Sending a slideshow or video message

This can now be done easily without the need for editing skills. I used this service called slide.ly. Not because it gave me that professional outcome, but the fact that it is free and easy to use is enough for me.
In my own case, I made a series of signs on paper. Writing few nice words and ending it with I’m sorry and I love you would do. Using my phone camera and a mirror, I could make pictures of me holding each of these signs. I had an expression on my face to match each sign (smiling in pictures with sweet words and showing remorse where I wrote that I’m sorry), which makes the message original and priceless.

With these pictures I made a slide show and sent to him.

There are tons of ideas to include in the slideshow or video message.

  1. I’m sorry cards using the songbird cartridge

Yeah, I found this one very sweet. Just by using the songbird cricut cartridge, glue, and stamping up paper, you get to create a very beautiful card. Cutting along lines and gluing together as shown in the video is very easy.
It is possible to add some personal touches to it, which makes it more original and suitable for your couple. You could select any other cartridge themes that will be best for you. See it for yourself in the video!

  1. Handmade Pop Up Cards to say sorry

This one requires some creative drawing, which it’s not a problem in my own case. I simply drew some characters that we both found significant in our relationship (could be flowers, animals, anything at all that would look nice in a card), and made this pop up when he opens the card. Wait till you see the process and then you will understand what I mean.

The needed materials are a set of scissors, pencil, crayons, cardboards, color paint, ruler, markers, glue, and a folder. Though the tutorial is not in English, I still understood the process. It is easy and interesting.

Just with a few measuring, drawing, cutting, and gluing together, I got a cute sorry card for my husband.

  1. Handmade Bouncy cards

This shows creativity that can be achieved through a series of very simple procedures. By using very few materials and investing little time, one can actually make bouncy sorry cards for husband.

Just with cardboard, a pair of scissors, ruler, flower, pen, and glue, that is all it takes to make this piece of beautiful card. Following the simple instructions in the video to fold and trim the card is very straightforward. Just prepare a little short message that will go with the card, and your darling will be amazed.

  1. Secret door card

Wonder what the secret door might be about? Imagine giving him a card on which he expects an apology message (judging from the present situation in the relationship). Opening the card and he finds a message or picture which he feels that is all in the card, then you show him the secret door where there will be more surprise for him.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it is on the contrary very simple. Just with cardboards, a pair of scissors (in place of a cutter), ruler, pen, and glue, you can get this done in no time. The creativity and surprise effect in this card is enough for him to know you are really sorry. Watch and learn in the video.

  1. Push and pull card

This is another level of creativity. Using just cardboards, ruler, pen, glue, piece of plastic (can use the bag that your paper comes in), and a pair of scissors – in place of a trimmer. Following the easy to use instructions in the video helps produce this cute card to say I’m sorry to your husband.
Don’t forget to add some nice messages to go with the card.

  1. Changing pictures card

Yeah, just as the name implies, this is a handmade card with pictures changing on it. It is not miracle and not difficult to achieve.

Just with the template, which can be printed or personally drawn. A set of scissors, glue, and your desired pictures. After a series of cutting along the lines and gluing as instructed in the video, you get a card that changes pictures when pulled as instructed.

There’s no technology involved, it’s pure craft and creativity. Say sorry to your husband in a unique way.

  1. Interactive spinning card

This is the height of creativity and craft. You get to make an interactive handmade card to say sorry to your husband. It is very simple and requires very little and affordable materials.

Though the example in the video was for a birthday card, but I see it is no problem at all to customize it to fit different occasions – like ‘I’m sorry’.

  1. More interactive spinner card

This one spins when he opens it. Amazing right?
Sounds cool and the process is very simple. The materials needed are as well very available and affordable.

Simply using nestability dies, cuttlebug or other dies, cutter, scor pal, and glue dots. Take advantage of little things to portray great emotions.

Follow the video tutorial to awe him with your apology approach.

Let me know which of the ideas worked for you. Do not hesitate to share more ideas in the comment box below. Let’s share the ideas and keep crafting!

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