TOP 39 Sorry Songs for Boyfriend You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

TOP-39-Sorry-Songs-for-Boyfriend-You-Won’t-Find-Anywhere-Else - howtoapologize

You know, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Well, the second best time is now.

If you failed asking your boyfriend to forgive you the first time, remember – you always have the second best time for apology.

Here’s my most insightful list of best sorry songs for boyfriend that will definitely bring you a second date with him. Or will make you feel worse. Ahem. Just kidding. Enjoy.

1. Hello – Adele

This is the first song released by singer in late 2015 after almost 3 years of silence. This epic ballad is about broken feelings and regret came after all “that I’ve done”. Sounds familiar, yeah?

2. Cloves — Don’t Forget About Me

So, this is a relatively new song (2016) of Australian singer Cloves. One of the top YouTube comments describes this song as “nwwwaaaoooohh whaaaauggoooo”, but if seriously – if you happen to watch “Me Before You”, you will definitely understand the beauty of this song.

3. Anastacia – Apology

No, it’s not our jealousy or imperfection that screws us all the time. It is a picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. Overthinking slowly kills you.

4. The Reticent – The Apology

The lyric album name “On the Eve of a Goodbye” speaks for itself. “The Apology” is one of the fifteen songs that compose the album released in early 2016. Not only this song, but the whole album is phenomenally impressive.

5. Ladylike Lily – Apologize

“Will you please talk to me? I don’t deserve to die”. What could have been more powerful or perceptive than this truly amazing line..? Except ultimate emo rock, of course (whoops, just grimace for a while to make you switch off).

6. Zach Winters – Apology

If only every man on Earth could think like Zach Winters band in this song when feeling guilty, there can be a little bit more love in each broken heart, every now and then.

7. Weekend Nachos – Apology

This is an epic instrumental composition released in 2016 by greatest Weekend Nachos. If you had a chance to hear their songs, you would lost your heart to their unique mix of powerviolence and hardcore flavoured with grindcore.

8. Meg Myers – Sorry

This song is for those who lost their feelings and love “without reason” as Meg Myers in her song. Sometimes love is just not enough. Or maybe there’s no need to try to win them back…

9. Relient K – You’ll always be my best friend

Although this song is from 2008, the lyrics are really timeless. Listen carefully to the word “friend”, it has more depth than you could ever imagine.

10. Hoobastank – The Reason

The good old one. This song made millions of people follow its brilliance and what’s more – become better ones. Thanks Mr. Robb.

11. R.E.M – The Apologist

Some songs from my list remind me of times when you used to go through the hardest time of your life. Every time I listen to this song it makes me feel like I should never give up on my stupid, stupid dreams.

12. Akon – Sorry Blame it on me

Despite the fact that Akon wrote this song after the incident with a girl at nightclub, there’s a lot more for us to learn from it. If you’re going to take someone’s blame on you, this song is just a right choice.

13. Howie Day – Sorry So Sorry

Sometimes we give everything we have and our heart goes out when we hear “sorry” instead of …instead of everything, but not sorry.

14. Elton John – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Old Version)

Remember all the times where you have done really bad? Did your throat felt chocked up when you have lot to say to someone, but you couldn’t? Well, you got the point.

15. Secondhand Serenade – Distance

“I hate myself when I’m away from you” is everything you need to know about this song.

16. Buckcherry – Sorry

If you think you’re too complicated and sometimes mess everything up, listen to Buckcherry song and think… maybe you deserve all of this shouldn’t blame just yourself.

17. Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me

Best sorry song ever and, yes, it’s one of the biggest hits of all times (3 millions copies were sold). The story behind this stunning song is left to our imagination.

18. LINKIN PARK- In Between

Sometimes following your heart leads to losing your mind, breaking your promises, forgetting about truth… being in between.

19. Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry

“Even lovers need a holiday”, not saying about the two who share one bed all the time. Forgive yourself for screwing up, we’re all fucked up from time to time.

20. Evanescence – Forgive me

Remember that words: if you repeat a mistake it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a decision. So, don’t turn your mistakes into your decisions.

21. Player – Baby Come Back

Don’t wear your “mask of false bravado” and get really brave to say sorry to your love.

22. The Posies – Apology

We all wish to be better for someone we love, but does it make sense to hide the true you?

23. Chris Brown – Apology

For those who totally ruined everything.

24. John Lee Hooker – Apologize

Sometimes I want to go back in the time and slap myself in the face. Feel the same?

25. Feist – So Sorry

For selfish. Don’t worry we’re all such sometimes.

26. Ciara – Sorry

I remember my school years, me sitting in the back, listening to Siara.

27. Lene Marlin – Sorry

If you could go back in time and redo one thing, what would it be?

28. Daughtry – Sorry

How about the purest song about regretting and wanting to bring your ex back? Here we go.

29. Joe Jonas – Sorry

If you like to go big and completely fuck it all up, this is your song.

30. Frank Sinatra – Sorry

What a song! Thank you Mr. Frank Sinatra for reminding us how lovely song songs could be.

31. Lisa Marie Presley – I Was Wrong

Thinking of him 24/7 means you should tell him how sorry you are. Use this song if words seem to be really hard for you.

32. Celeste Buckingham – I Was Wrong (feat. Majk Spirit)

For international sorry song lovers.

33. Avril Lavigne – I Will Be

The best time for apology is yet to come, when Avril Lavigne wrote her song.

34. Nothing Compares 2 U — Sinead O’Connor

Personally I would choose this song from the list, if I should. Sinead O’Connor run the gamut of exactly all the emotions I felt recently.

35. Gloria Estefan – I See your smile

For those who still cannot cope with the lost feelings and love.

36. I Don’t Wanna Fight No More – Tina Turner

Best time for letting go and make things work out is perfectly described in this song. “Grow for love” tells you Tina Turner.

37. Tyrese – Sorry

Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

38. So Sorry – Brian McKnight

Maybe you can write a long sorry poem for him, or send sorry song like this one. Whatever you will come up with will work, because you start talking.

39. Nobody Wins – Darryl Worley

Hold your head up – everything’s going to be O.K. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

Anyway, good luck in making things work again. You’re _ awesome.

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