TOP 15 Sorry Songs for Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry


Somebody asks – what’s the reason for sending him a sorry song, why not to apologize to him in person? Tell your boyfriend to his face what’s bothering you. And if he doesn’t accept your apologies, than it wasn’t meant to be.

But sometimes we find it so difficult to pick appropriate sorry words. There is nothing but music that can help us express our deepest feelings.

For those who agree with me I prepared a list of TOP 15 sorry songs for boyfriends. Here you may not probably find your favorite ones, but be assured that you won’t be left with nothing.

So, here we go!

Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

The song title is self-explanatory. A girl who blames herself for being fool. She has made a lot of mistakes just because she hadn’t realized how cruel a love can be. It shortly became a #1 hit and now it’s Brenda Lee’s signature song.

Taylor Swift – Back To December

This song is about girl who apologizes to her ex boyfriend for breaking up with him. As Taylor Swift said this song was the first lyric where she made an apology to someone.

Tina Turner – I Don’t Wanna Fight

Everybody knows that end of relationships is always hurtful. Discussions, fights, misunderstandings are all in the past. And from this point a new life could be easily started. But as we know hope is the last thing to die. Tina Turner tries to figure out what is the right way to choose.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

If you want to show to your former love that nothing can stand on your way of loving him – send him this song.

Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Fergie sings about pain of breaking up with someone who was very close to her. She finds kind of shelter to settle her mind and get at what she really wants. Even if she still feels like a little girl, she grows up and becomes stronger.

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U

Do you know that while making a music video to this song Sinead O’Connor really cried in a clip. This soulful songs can’t left you indifferent.

Jennifer Hudson – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

This song is not actually about saying sorry. But it’s a very powerful lyric about a girl who despairingly fights for her ‘best man’.

Diana Ross – And If You See Him

Once she lets him go, tears and pain can’t leave her ever since. Diana Ross sings about a girl who needs a second chance to recreate her relationship with an ex boyfriend. She asks others to tell him that she really needs and misses him.

Leona Lewis – Forgive Me

Here in this song Leona Lewis sings about the pain made by her boyfriend. She can’t stand it no more and decides to leave him for another man. The forgiveness she asked him about differs from traditional guilty. Here she’s going to break with her boyfriend and to find someone better to be loved.

Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart

This lyrics is a very special for the singer. Toni Braxton sings it to her latter boyfriend. She cries for him to come back to her. This proves that love can forgive anything.

Sarah Connor – From Sarah with Love

In this song Sarah Connor sings about her love to the man who finds another woman. They used to be friends until she realized that loves him. But sometimes it’s too late…

Laura Pausini – It’s Not Goodbye

Do you remember this lovely song from the ‘Sweet November’ movie? Yeah, I like it as well. So, this can be a good one to say your boyfriend that it’ not goodbye.

Сascada – Еverytime We Touch

Refresh the best moments of your relationship with the help of this lyric. Cascada sings about her feelings to the one who can make her fly.

Bonnie Raitt – Love Has No Pride

We all go through ups and downs in our relationships. But the point is to stay together whatever happens. If his pride leaves you no chance to change something, send him this song.

Adele – Make You Fell My Love

This is a cover on Bob Dylan’s synonymously-named song. It counts 108 million views on the YouTube. Adele sings this song in a very sincere manner. Check this out on your own. You can also listen to her new song “Hello” – it’s amazing!

So, girls, I’d like to know what is your favorite sorry song from this list? If you don’t find one that fits you the best – tell us about it in comments and we’ll try to help you find a spot-on one together with our readers.

I’d be also very pleased to hear your stories. Let’s improve relations with our boyfriends!

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