Read These 6 R’s Before You Apologize to Your Boyfriend

Read These 6 R’s Before You Apologize to Your Boyfriend

You probably won’t believe, but making a sincere apology is as easy as ABC. But here we have six magic R’s that can help you anytime when you feel guilty and don’t know how to apology to your boyfriend.
There are so many ways to screw up your apology. But thank God, somebody very smart invented a few steps of making it brilliant.
In order to make them easy for memorizing I have chosen six the most appropriate words starting with ‘R’. And here what I’ve got.

  1. Regret

Always start with regrets. Such phrases as: ‘Forgive me, please’ or ‘First of all, I want to apologize again’ are more efficient than these ones are: ‘What could I do, tell me’ or ‘First, let me explain my point of view’.

Regret - Read These 6 R’s Before You Apologize to Your Boyfriend

The right regrets can help you express your feelings to your boyfriend and find a foothold for conversation to be started. Try to avoid ‘if’ and ‘but’ while apologizing. For example, don’t say in a following: ‘I’m sorry if I offended you’ or ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, but sometimes you just make me so angry’.

Here you should remember some very important moments:

  • Appropriate time. Try to pick the right time when he would be ready to talk to you. Don’t put high-pressure on him at once. Look carefully and you’ll see the appreciate moment to start your dialogue.
  • Face to face. Make a personal apology. Remember, it works better when you do it in private. Moreover, you shouldn’t call him or send him a sorry message in a Facebook. No! These things are even worse. Show him your respect. Make him see that you actually care about situation and want to talk over it in person, even if you are very scared of his reaction.

But I have to admit that there is one exception to this rule. Imagine, your boyfriend’s so angry at you that he doesn’t even want to see you. Yeah,this happens. But how can you apology to him under these circumstances?

If so, you better send him a sorry message\video\slideshow\song\poem\letter etc. By doing so you show him your desire to talk and you kind of prepare him for your future conversation.



  • Keep calm. It’s a well known fact, if you want to get a good result – learn to wait in advance. I know how much you want to interpret him your doings. But you need to stay in equilibrium.

Ladies, you see that men value our honesty as well as we do. Make up your mind to the fact you’re guilty and just give him a sincere apology.

  1. Responsibility

The second step is of no little interest. Show him, that you fully accept all the responsibility for your actions. Even if your fault covers only the part of full guilt. Regardless of that, tell him that it was absolutely your fault and you have realized it.


It’s better not to mention the following here: ‘But you’re also wrong! Agree!’. Certainly, there is a handful of things and situations where only one person is guilt. Often, you’re both equally guilty. But. Don’t try to show him where is his fault. If he wants, he apologies later.

  1. Reveal

Here I mean you can tell him why you did what you did. Probably, you had a couple of reasons why you acted in that way. Maybe, you should tell him something he didn’t know, but had to.

Therefore, tell him a full story without embellishment. What makes you tick? Why did you behave in such a way? Give him answers to these questions. But as in the previous step don’t try to acquit yourself. Simple conversation will be enough. Anyway, you can’t bring back the past, but you surely can change your future.

  1. Restitution

After you support him with reasoning for your actions, ask him what you can do to make it up to him. Here you should express the desire to change your behavior. Understandably, you can’t change what you’ve done, but to prevent making the same mistakes in the future should be your priority.

This step is about showing him your readiness to change yourself for him and to restore his feelings.

  1. Respect

Girls, you should be ready for the next scenario: maybe he wants you to leave him alone even when you think you have picked a right time for sorry. Or he can still be pissed-off and angry.

In this case, you should let him see that you respect his choice and the latter is absolutely fair in relation to you. Don’t put pressure on him anyway.


‘But why? You can’t do this to me!’ isn’t going to work well. Let him speak, he needs to get it off his chest. He needs to show you how it was hurt for him. Whereas in contrast, you should listen to him carefully. Don’t try to cut in with your remarks. And he’ll recognize you as someone who is really looking for regret.

  1. Request

Finally, after apologizing, taking a responsibility for actions, explaining the real matter of problem, trying to prevent it in the future and listening carefully to his remarks you should request forgiveness. ‘Will you please forgive me’ would be more than enough.

Probably, this is the most important step in apologizing. We always forget that people who are offended by us need some alone time for thinking. And I don’t mean here a day or two. They need time as much as they want. All that remains for you, dear girls, is waiting.

Happy couple after apology -

Follow these six simple steps and you’ll be the one who owns his heart forever!

I hope my article was useful and for now you’re ready to supply a response on how to say sorry to your boyfriend.
I’m waiting for your comments, ladies!

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