9 Unique and Effective Apology Gifts for Boyfriend

Unique and Effective Apology Gifts for Boyfriend — How to Apologize

You did something wrong lately and it is your fault that he is mad at you. Here are some apology gift ideas that you can use to appease your boyfriend.

  1. Making an apology CD

Gather a couple of apology/love songs and dedicate it to him, but make your apology message the intro of the playlist. If you cannot easily achieve this, you could just hand-write the apology message on the paper cover of the compact disc.


Do well to show that you understand the cause of the problem and you even already made a plan to avoid such in future. Show him how important he is to you and you cannot bear to lose him.

  1. Apology event (sport/concerts)

Is he a crazy fan of any sport in particular? Or there is this concert he never misses? There goes your redemption plan. The most demanding task in this plan is for you to take some time to compose an apology or love letter.

apology event

Purchase two tickets for the event and put in an envelope with the apology letter. Make sure the event is few days away so he actually has time to think of an answer; don’t tell me you were expecting him to say yes straight away.

  1. Dinner in a sexy apron

This one works magic. But it is ideal if you live together, or you have a plan to bring him over, or go to his house without him telling you to leave.


Get ingredients to prepare his favorite dish and remember to buy the master ingredient – sexy apron. Arrange the possibility of you cooking while he would be around, just the sight of you in the apron might get him to start rethinking even before you start the apology.

This, however, might not be enough to do the trick. Do well to prepare an apology message or a speech that will go with the cooking.

  1. Kama sutra twister bedroom game

It is strictly recommended that you get yourself ready for some make up fun before presenting this gift. This is like the usual twister game with a lot of combinations of where to place your hands, legs, and body. The difference is that this was built to generate naughty positions and meant to be played naked.

Kama sutra twister bedroom game

The gift alone is not enough; it does the concluding part of the apology. An apology or love letter should be the forerunner and the gift comes right behind it.

  1. Set of sexy lingerie

You know him, so you should know how to take advantage of this. I need not tell you the kind of lingerie set you need to have on you to entice him. If you cannot figure this out, then you have more things to be sorry for.


Make it a surprise. Get yourself ready in the lingerie after you must have left your apology message somewhere in the house where he would definitely see it. Let him have time to think about it before walking into the bedroom to meet the surprise.

  1. Handwritten apology letter

Get a special pen and a fancy piece of cardboard to make this unique. You need to be aware of important tips on how to draft an apology letter. It is easy and can be effective at the same time. As long as you can include the following steps.

handwritten apology letter

  • Think about the cause of the problem; why you did or said what you said, how do you plan to fix the problem
  • Starting with ‘I’m sorry’
  • Get to the point; you don’t need a 4 pages apology letter except you plan to make him sleep while reading
  • Admit you are wrong
  • End it with a sincere ‘I love you’. Though it is a letter, there are ways that you can write this and make the reader understand that you really mean it.
  • Add a poem to it. Writing or searching for a poem that narrates the way you feel about him. It is important that you write your own poem because it shows how much you invested in making the apology.

With these few points, you can easily draft an apology letter that will really count. Think of using a fancy envelope with maybe a flower to go on it.

  1. DIY sorry card

There are cute handmade cards that you could actually create by yourself in little time. So you have a lot of time to draft an amazing apology message that will go with the card.

Just with a piece of cardboard, ribbons, inks, board trim, stamp sets (so sorry, flowers, butterflies, or any other character you would like on the card), printed cards, and glue dots, you can get your card done in no time.


One good thing is that this can be achieved by anyone, there is not crafting skill required.

Take your cardboard and stamp various images (I’m sorry, I love you, flowers, etc.) where and how you want it. Use the glue dots to attach your ribbon to it, add your apology message in to the card and you are all set.

  1. 52 reasons why I love you

This is one of the handmade ideas that come in handy and fast. All you need is to make a list of 52 reasons why you love him, a deck of cards, a binder or perforator, and a ribbon.

52 reasons why I love you

Write each of these reasons on each card, perforate and use the ribbon to fasten them together. It requires little designing except you wish to add some person touches.

Present this to him with your apology message.

  1. Customized medals or trophies

Come up with some romantic ideas on awards that you can present to him. Get this to a custom award store and select the one that will be most appropriate. Imagine some sexy awards that could come in handy during the bedtime moments. This should, however go with an apology message.

Customized medals or trophies

Remember. it is not just saying sorry that matters, but how you express it. Imagine saying ‘I am sorry, lets just stop quarrelling’, this would not be a smart approach. So start by knowing the cause of the problem, accepting the fault, get a plan to make it up to him, then select an approach to saying you are sorry.

Let me know which of the gifts worked for you in the comment box below.

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