23 Practical Tips on How to Say Sorry to Your Husband


Have you ever hurt your husband? Have you ever said the wrong thing and afterward regretted having a big mouth? I know how you feel, because I’ve done it all.
That’s why I want to present a list of 23 useful tips on how to say sorry to your husband after a fight. I made up this list using a lot of different sources, sites, chats and professional opinions. So, I hope this article helps you to pick the right apology for your husband in a most sincere and romantic way.

  1. The best way to say sorry is to do it immediately after doing something wrong.

the best way to say sorry is to do it immediately after doing something wrong

But not just saying: “All right, I admit it, I’m sorry”. Try to do it so that your husband would be satisfied with your apologies.
In this way, tell him that you understand what exactly you did wrong and describe what you’re going to do to prevent similar situations in the future.

  1. Accept all the responsibility for your actions.

Sometimes we feel guilty and we understand we’re wrong and even say sorry. But we don’t accept full responsibility for our behavior. This is probably the most important tip in saying sorry.

  1. Decide for yourself what is more valuable: to press your point or to save your relationship.


  1. If you have something to say in your defense – say it.

But it shouldn’t sound like an excuse. Just explain the circumstances that made a situation worse.

  1. How about making it up to him?

After apologizing, you should ask him what can you do to make it right. Then, he’ll see that you care about consequences of your actions.

  1. Give him a promise.

Clearing the air is an important part of reaching an understanding. But giving your word not to do it again is better.

  1. Request forgiveness and do it sincerely.

If you really don’t feel sorry – then don’t ask him to forgive you, because it’s not going to work.
Here’s a video of Dr. Sheri Meyers, in which she talks about appropriate ways of asking for forgiveness:

  1. Try to avoid aggressive ways of saying sorry.

Things like, “You want to me to say sorry? Fine! Sorry!” or “Why are you taking this so seriously? Grow up!”. It’d be much better just to say sorry with all your heart.

  1. Tape an apology video for him.

One of the best idea I came up with when I was feeling guilty and wanted to apologize to my husband was to shoot an apology video. As it happened, he was away and I sent my video to his e-mail. When he got back, we made up and he said that my video was key in making this happen.

  1. Write him a letter.

Write Him an apology letter

Tell him that you regret everything wrong that you’ve done. Let him be sure that you still love him.
Tell him that you know how he feels. Mention in your letter the wonderful times you spend together. And ask for his forgiveness!

Here’s an example of one of these letters:

“Dearest Tom,

I don’t really know what to say with all the things that we have been through, but one thing is for sure, that in spite of all the trials we have been through and all the pain we both had from each other I will still say that God gives me You like when we said on the day we were married almost 2 years ago.

Being away from you is the hardest experience I ever had in my life…


With love and care,

Ever your loving wife:-) ”

  1. Hugs will help.

According to researchers physical contact removes conflict (and keep you healthy). There are people who can make others smile without any effort. But I’m not so charming. So, I choose to hug my husband after telling him I’m sorry. It works like magic.

  1. Say it with a teddy bear.

Send a cute toy with a message to his job. In spite of the opinion that  men don’t like toys, my friend Susan was forgiven by her husband in just this way.

  1. A sorry poem is a creative approach to resolve misunderstandings between you and your husband.

You can write your own poem or to ask Google for help.

  1. I know how it’s sometimes hard to find the right words to describe your feelings.

In such cases, I recommend you use quotes. They are the best way to express your regret.

  1. Make an apology slideshow using photos of both of you together.

Refresh in his mind the best moments you’ve shared together and thank him for all the good things he gave you.

  1. A kind gesture is the first step to get his forgiveness.

Do something useful for him.
He’ll recognize this action as an attempt to move your relationship in the right direction. For example, while coming home, pick your husband’s dry cleaning up for him. Leave a little note along with it saying that you love him and you’re sorry.

  1. Send an apology message to him.

For example you can write something like it: “To my cute husband, you are the reason behind my smile and my life is more beautiful only because of you. I am sorry for hurting you yesterday and I hope you will forgive me.”
But remember – it’s always better to write your own.

  1. If you’re really unable to make head or tail of your relationship with your husband – try to get professional help from a marriage counselor.

marriage counselor howtoapologize.org

Don’t be afraid of it. While talking to a professional you’ll have better chances to figure everything out. After that, you’ll clearly understand what exactly you want from your relationship and how to say sorry to your hubby in the best way.

  1. Talk to him in his own language.

Put it in examples of the things he likes to do, and listen to him when he talks.

  1. Use body language as well.

Getting eye contact brings much bigger results than rolling your eyes and making him feel like you don’t really care.

  1. Cook him his favorite meal and he might be in a better mood.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

  1. Don’t argue.

Guilty means guilty.

  1. Swallow your pride.

Do you have some other tips on how to say sorry to your husband that work for you? Tell me in the comments what was your most successful experience in getting his forgiveness.
I hope you found the right words to say to your husband. Wish you all the best! And remember – saying sorry takes a lot of strength.

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