15 Cute Ways To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend

15 Cute Ways To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend

It is not always easy to apologize. However, apologies serve different purposes in strengthening a relationship. First is the acknowledgment of the fact that you are not always right. Second is that you show you are concerned about how your partner feels. Third is for bringing peace in the relationship.

Here are 15 cute ways in which you can apologize to your boyfriend for those little mistakes you make.

  1. Food

This can work wonders. Count yourself lucky if you can prepare his favorite dish. Some people say – a delicious meal is an easy way to a man’s heart.Be sure to get him when he is hungry, prepare this dish and put your apology message in the tray on which you are serving the meal.

Not only will he be unable to reject the funny approach, he also has delicious food to calm him down.

  1. Create a picture slideshow or video message and send to him

This is an ideal way to creatively put your apology into pictures and videos. “but I don’t have picture or video editing skills” – I’m sure that is probably what comes to your mind right now.

  1. Fun anger release

There are various ways to achieve this. Here is one that is good for when the weather is warm. How about purchasing water guns and leaving it at the entrance with a note that he would see as he returns from work. The note will have your apology message on it, but it should end with an option stating ‘you have the chance to hunt me down as a form or punishment’.
Remember, to have your own water gun hidden somewhere so you could also fight back after sometime :)

  1. Funny poetry

Making up some funny apology poems is cute. Telling him you are sorry and adding humor to it.

‘I’m sorry that I hurt you.

To this day I wonder why.

Why i chose to hurt you.

And why you let it ride.

I’m sorry that I hurt you.

And still you don’t try,

To get me back.’

‘I’m sorry of being so emotional

I’m sorry of being so possessive

I’m sorry that I cry for you

I’m sorry because I can’t live without you…’

‘There are no words to say

how sorry I am for what happened.

All I can do is be contrite

and let you know that I am sorry.

Please know that I am sincere

and that I wish I could go back in time.’

You can follow these examples to make up something of your own that will be perfect for him. Make a few poems and place each in different areas of the apartment. Be attentive to notice when he starts laughing or smiling after seeing these poems.

  1. Dressing up

You could dress in that old sexy Halloween costume of yours that he likes. Try to play the role of the character you are imitation while apologizing to him. It will be funny and yet remind him of how sexy hot his lovely girlfriend is.

It could possibly not be just Halloween, if you have an alternative costume that he likes then that should serve the same purpose as well.

  1. Cute background pictures with great humor effect

If you have access to his computer, phone, or palmtop, then this is a good one for you. However, if you have restricted access then don’t try this because it might worsen the situation.

Select a cute picture of you both together or make a picture of you holding a sign saying ‘I’m sorry’, then use as the wallpaper on his computer, phone, or palmtop.

Do well not to go too far from the vicinity, so you can catch the smile on his face when he sees this.

  1. Apology contact name

This still applies if you have access to his phone. Try to be discrete when doing this though, so you don’t loose the surprise value.

Change your name on his mobile phone to ‘I’m sorry, or forgive me.” Ring him up when you are ready with your apology speech; just the appearance of such a caller name on his phone will sure make him smile.

  1. Apology ring-back tone

You will need to contact your service provider for this and you personally need to be sure you can make your boyfriend call you after doing this.

Either you record a song, poem, or audio message and use it as your ring-back tone. So when your boyfriend calls you, don’t rush to answer, he will listen to your message even before you answer the call to complete the apology.

However, except you do not mind for everyone calling you to listen to this, you can figure out a way to customize the tone just for his number – as long as your service provider supports this.

  1. Taking advantage of the Internet

You can create a website or blog and dedicate a post for him on it. Either you out-rightly create one for this motive or you just make your post on a page of a social website like Facebook.

Make a post and send him the link via mail or text message. The idea of doing this via Facebook is way easier, but depends on if you do not mind that everyone reads this – I would mind actually.

  1. Handwritten letter

When last did you receive a handwritten letter? The expression on his face will be priceless just as a result of receiving a handwritten letter, not to mention the content yet.

Talking of the content, there are tips to follow in order to write a proper apology letter.

Get to the point on time: a message of 3 to 4 lines at the middle of a page will not do the job, neither do you need to write a textbook before he understands you are sorry. It is understandable that you want to express how exactly you feel, but better to narrow it down to the present situation except you plan for him to sleep while reading.

Admit you are wrong: you are not just writing this letter because you want him to forget what happened. Show him that you took time to ponder about what happened and figured out you are wrong.

Amendment plan: let him know the plan you have made to ensure you do not repeat such or hurt him in future. If you don’t have any yet, you could just seek his assistance with this.

’I’m sorry baby, please can you help me figure out a way to make sure we don’t have such conflicts in future?’

State your plan to make it up to him: now that you have admitted the guilt, what are your make up plans. At least he deserves some pampering or some treat to calm him down. You sure know how to do this.

Including all these in your apology/love letter will sure give you the expected effect. You can as well end it with a poem that you composed yourself. It shows how much time you took to really prepare for the apology.

  1. Crafts

Remember those art skills we were taught in school back then? Now is the time to bring them to work. There are tons of handmade gift ideas that you can take advantage of.
Handmade cards, flowers, crayon paintings, amongst all others. Just be original and come up with something cute or writing ‘I’m sorry” would do. Just the thought of you spending time to create such will amaze him.

  1. Sexy apron or lingerie

Are you good in the kitchen? If you are not, then it is time for you to consider compromising. Take few tutorials from your friend or relatives that are queens in the kitchen. Even though the time is short for you to prepare a masterpiece, you can do well to make something munchable at least.

Get a hand with the cooking and accompany it with a sexy apron in the kitchen or a set of sexy lingerie for desert. A boyfriend that knows his girl does not like cooking will be amazed with the sight of her in the kitchen – not to mention in that hot apron.

I’m sure he will either forgive you because of the food or for the sexy outfit.

  1. Massage

Everyone craves a good massage. If you do not like doing this or don’t know how it is done, it is high time you learnt – the basics at least.

Giving him a massage treat is a good way to show how sorry you are and helping to relieve him of the stress you caused him.

  1. Baking

Give him a cake with ‘I’m sorry’ written with icing sugar. What if he does not love cakes? How about trying with cookies, cup cakes, or any other delicious pastries.

One can’t be mad at someone that bakes him a cake. Be creative with the baking; make sure the message is portrayed in a form or the other.

  1. A list of 100 things you love about him

Make these things a little odd, specific and funny. Things that he never knew you noticed. Like saying – his sexy voice when he sings along while you watch that TV series; how he spies at himself in the mirror every morning; how he makes that funny sound when he has his mouth full of candy; and of course add the most important which is ‘The fact that you forgive me’.

This cute apology approach is more ideal when the cause of the problem is not so serious. For instance, when you missed the train or forgot to meet him at the airport. But for more severe problems, it is better to apply more serious approaches.

Remember to wear your puppy face and remorse look when apologizing. Let me know which other cute ideas of apologizing I skipped on this list.

Feel free to leave a line or two in the comment box!

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